Advice to parents of new drivers

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January 27, 2015
Drivers continue to use mobile phones whilst driving
February 26, 2015

So you finally get the call that you’ve been waiting for; Your child has passed their driving test! Brilliant news, right? No more Mum and Dad’s taxi service to worry about, instead it will be you getting all the free lifts. But, like any parent, you’ll worry.
It’s natural to be scared. The driving world is full of risks and dangers, even the minor ones are still a concern. Although you can’t prevent it, there are ways to educate your child on reducing these risks and potentially lower the ever growing cost of car insurance.

Pass plus scheme

The pass plus scheme helps new drivers build on their skills and develop a wider depth of experience, driving in more complex conditions to their original lessons.
The scheme allows new drivers to practice driving in more difficult conditions including; driving at night, on urban and rural roads, as well as spending time on motorways and dual carriageways.
Although your child probably feels confident that they can master these obstacles on their own, the pass plus scheme will lower the cost of your car insurance, if successful. And who doesn’t want to save money?

Let them take the wheel

Whether it be a short trip to your local convenience store, or a drive across the county to see grandma, let your child drive! The more experience they have, the more their confidence will grow. Offer them advice and support where it is needed, but be careful not to be too hypocritical, it will only put them off.


Nowadays, there isn’t a single young person whose mobile phone isn’t stuck to their hand. It doesn’t take a genius to know that using your mobile phone whilst driving is an offense, so make sure you reinforce the message that mobile phones need to be out of sight whilst you’re in the car.
If caught using a mobile, you could face three penalty points on your licence, coupled with a fine of £100. For new drivers, collecting six points or more in the first two years after passing their test, runs the risk of them losing their license completely. That ought to scare them!
To stay as safe as possible, we strongly advise that mobile phones are only used whilst the car is parked.
You should also warn them about other lesser known yet equally as dangerous distractions, such as playing loud music or eating and drinking whilst driving.


You may have heard the term ‘black box’ when searching through insurance quotes.
Black boxes are a form of telematics, which track your childs driving performance.
Known not to be the most cost efficient method, there are other similar telematic products on the market that produce more accurate results, for a fraction of the cost.
With telematics, you are able to monitor all elements of your childs driving behaviour, including; speed, distance, and even reckless maneuvers including sharp braking, cornering and acceleration.

The Pay As You Track app allows you to monitor your driver in real-time and runs silently in the background of a mobile phone, so no worrying about usage whilst driving. We also have our Plug’n Drive unit which fixes into the car, showing vehicle diagnostics and driver behaviour as well as the standard speed and distance reports.

Find out more information on the Pay As You Track products, and to see how it can put your mind at ease with your new driver.