Ambassador Motor Co’s Pay as you Track experience

Topping up
October 8, 2015
Vehicle tracking has been a “game changer” for Truck & Trailer Services
October 26, 2015

Ambassador Motor Co, based in Sheffield was formed in 1952 and started out as a body shop with a shunting tractor unit to move HGV trailers back and forth for MOT testing. Since then, Ambassador have significantly grown their fleet and now provide traction services across the UK for many customers which include Montracon and Hargreaves Recycling and Aggregate. They move and deliver hundreds of 3rd party trailers on a weekly basis and have just extended their services into Holland.

Pay as you Track provides all tracking requirements to enable Ambassador to accurately time the deliveries of trailers for their customers. Nick Skelland, Director at Ambassador Motor Co, says, ‘location linking is key for us to be able to provide traction services when customers need to move a trailer quickly. Since tracking our fleet with Pay as you Track, we have overall increased our efficiencies by 80% by better utilising our drivers and driver hours and have been able to take more jobs on and have even halved the number of empty runs.’

Additionally to providing real-time visibility into their operation, Nick and his team also run reports daily to calculate distances travelled and measure profitability on a job-by-job basis.

Pay as you Track offer a range of flexible tracking services including tracking vehicles via smartphones. To track your vehicles, just download the free app onto a smartphone, create an account at and you are ready to live track. Instant credit allows you to trial the system free of charge – if you like it just top up when you need to and if you don’t, you can stop.

At less than half the price of most tracking companies, it has a few more special features: only pay for the days a journey has been made and only when a journey, of over 15 minutes travel time has been made; the app can be switched off to protect personal time and there are no lengthy contracts or tie ins.

Aimed at small and medium sized enterprises, Pay as you Track offer an instant and
cost-effective tracking system to help in the day-to-day running of your business. Ideal for businesses that want to keep their customers informed, from home care workers to haulage companies transporting 44ft trailers across the UK.

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