How your business can benefit from Pay as you Track

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January 27, 2015

Pay as you Track was designed with businesses in mind. Whether you’re a one man contractor or own your own small firm, there are many benefits that come from using the fleet tracking software.

The free app can be downloaded from any iPhone, Windows Phone or Android and just costs 25p per day, per phone – not exactly breaking the bank? And your account is only charged when a vehicle makes a journey over 15 minutes travel time.

We know a lot of people are uneasy about using location tracking software, but it’s not as scary as you’d think- here’s how it could help you:

Keep track of your staff
When your staff are out on a job, you don’t want to be calling them constantly to check where they are. Considering that their Pay as you Track app is running, you can simply log into your dashboard and instantly see their whereabouts.

The customer comes first
Keep your customer’s happy and maintain that great relationship by allowing them to see that you’re doing their job quickly and efficiently. You can then avoid those “You’re always late” or “Why did you stop of at…” accusations. On the other hand, if you know you’re going to be late to a customer, accurate reports can prove you weren’t being un-reliable.

Mileage reports made simple
Calculating your own mileage expenses can be a hassle so working out your full workforce’s could take hours. Mileage reports from your Pay as you Track account give you accurate results, daily, weekly or monthly which is great for you as there’s no timewasting paperwork eating into your busy schedule.

Go greener
Pay as you Track makes doing your bit for the environment easy and saves you a few pennies on fuel- a main reason why many businesses are now using telematics products. How? Pay as you Track allows you to see if you or any other driver could have saved on fewer miles which is great for future reference. The app reports also monitor driver’s speed, which can be compared weekly, monthly or daily.

As you’ll be on the road a lot, you want to make sure you’re doing your bit for the environment and we can help. By installing a Pay as you Track Plug’n Drive unit, you can monitor whether a vehicle is stationary with the engine running; idling. Idling is one of the main causes of wasted fuel and that’s something we want to help reduce.

If you would like more information on how Pay as you Track could help your business, view our FAQ page or get in touch.