How telematics can benefit your businesses younger drivers.

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March 12, 2015
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Develop good driver behaviour through the use of telematics.

It’s expected that the average age of truck and van drivers in the UK will decrease considerably over the next few years. For businesses, the challenge they face is how to develop their younger workforce’s human talent, driving experience and manage their risk factor as quickly as possible in a safe manner.

According to research, a combination of youth and inexperience puts young drivers at higher risk. Due to their inexperience, hazard spotting isn’t as second nature as those who have more driving knowledge. Because of their youth, it’s more likely that they will also take risks and no always follow safecompliance rules.However, due to age, crash risk will reduce over time with experience.

It’s argued that what your business spends on training will pay off with greater revenues further down the line. However, learning takes time and depending on the individual, it’s unclear to know how much time that will take.

So how can telematics help with training and expanding the experience of your young workforce?

“Generation Y” (individuals aged 18-32) make up 75% of the global workforce. Because this generation are constantly adapting to new technology, and always looking forward to innovative and upcoming technological trends, telematics are becoming better accepted, understood and used.

Capturing driver behaviour data, telematics can be used to fast track development. With Pay as you Tracks software you can determine driver’s breaking and accelerating behaviour, as well as curbing and idling.

Our range of tracking equipment includes plug-ins’, hardwired, battery trackers and our ALL IN ONE tracking mobile CCTV providing you with full journey video recording as well as tracking with up to 5 cameras attached.

Our free online training programmes help you identify full driver behaviour, establish and fix ‘bad habits’ as well as develop talent more effectively and quickly in a more monitored way than traditional ‘on-the-job’ training.

Our Pay as you Track app will benefit further training exercises, such as trial deliveries. Being able to monitor your driver’s location, driving status and distance travelled, enables ease that they’re complying with your instructions and see their work commitment.

Telematics will positively impact, and be a critical component of, future fleet businesses. Businesses failing to get on board now are risking their expertise and knowledge of forward-thinking competitors, already developing their experience.

Find out how Pay as you Track can benefit the future training and development of your fleet and if you have any questions, get in touch!