Drivers continue to use mobile phones whilst driving

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February 17, 2015
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March 5, 2015

It’s in the driving theory tests and written in the law that using a handheld mobile phone whist driving can get you three penalty points on your license and potentially a chunky fine of up to £2,500.

Those using their mobile phones whilst driving are more likely to be texting, surfing the web or using social media rather than for the traditional use, a phone call.

According to a Department for Transport report, despite legislation and the safety risks, twice as many motorists, behind the wheel of a van, were seen using a hand-held device than those who were driving a car. The report states that 1.1% of drivers in England and Scotland were spotted holding a phone in their hand compared to 0.5% of those using their phone to make a call. From this, it has been calculated to more than 470,000 drivers.

A higher amount of drivers were reported to be using their hand-held devices whilst stationary (2.3%) rather than on the move (1.6%) and women and van drivers have been reportedly the worst to be seen using their phones whilst on the road at 2.7%.

The law states that the only time you’re able to use a mobile phone when driving, is for an emergency call to 999 or 112.

Although many drivers use a hands-free device – which is completely legal when driving, police believe that you could still be distracted and loose control of your vehicle, meaning your safety and license could be in danger.

Even though we’re all aware of the risks of using a mobile phone whilst driving, motorists don’t seem to think they’ll be caught out, hence the continuation and rising numbers.

The Pay as you Track fleet tracking app runs silently in the background of your smartphone, meaning you can still track your drivers without them having to interact with their phone, putting them out of danger and keeping you away from paying a large penalty fine.