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Establishing a healthy and safe working environment for Lone Workers is difficult. Lone Workers can be vulnerable and susceptible violence and abuse. Ensuring their well being and having systems in place to keep in touch with them is of paramount importance.

Pay as you Track Assist is a cost-effective means of geolocating and providing a discrete way for Lone Workers to raise the alarm.

How it works

  • Automatic GPS Tracking. The App includes the standard 'hands off' Pay as you Track GPS Tracking. Giving you the reassurance that someone knows exactly where and when you are working remotely.
  • Welfare Interval Checking. If you know are carrying out work alone and the job should take 30 minutes, simply set up a welfare interval. If you don't check in during the period the App will send SMS' and make a phone call on your behalf.
  • Panic! The App includes a simple panic button. If the alarm is not cancelled within a set period (say 30 seconds) the App will send SMS' and open a phone call on your behalf. 

How it works

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