Smartphone Tracking

With the Pay as you Track smartphone tracking app turn your Smartphone into a GPS tracking device to track a vehicle, or track at walking speed using the ‘sensitive’ setting. Set up an account by downloading the free smartphone tracking app from the App Store and that’s it – nothing else to do! The Smartphone will automatically start tracking when a vehicle starts moving or you start walking.

How it works:

  • The App runs in the background – you don’t have to do anything, just leave it to run
  • The Smartphone records GPS positions at least every minute or turn-by-turn
  • The Location information is sent to our servers immediately and if there’s no signal the data is stored in the device and sent when you have a signal
  • Smartphone trackers switch from mobile to Wi-Fi connection seamlessly
  • Data usage is typically less than 2Mb per month

Download the app today and track for 40 days for free.

How it works

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