How it Works

You need to create an account by signing up. We only require a valid email address and an account name/password of your choice. Tip – keep a note of your account name!

After you have signed up and validated your email address you can log in. As soon as you set up an account we give you £10 credit so that you can give it a try.

Your account is charged per day per device that has made a journey in excess of 15 minutes. If a device doesn’t move, you don’t get charged. Once you see that it works for you, you can add credit to your account by topping up.


Adding Tracking Devices

You can track as many vehicles as you wish either by purchasing our pluggable (or hard-wired) tracking units or turning Smartphones into vehicle tracking devices.

The pluggable (or hard-wired) tracking unit is delivered pre-configured on your account with an integrated Simm. All you need to do is plug the tracker into the ODBII port in the vehicle. Pluggable tracking units cost as little as 30p per day. This includes the cost of the Simm.

Alternatively, if you decide to use a Smartphone simply download the free App onto each smartphone from the App Store and when prompted enter your account name. That’s it – nothing else to do! The Smartphone will automatically start tracking when a vehicle starts moving. Smartphone tracking costs as little as 25p per day.

Whats the catch?

We really hope there isn’t one. Our goal is to provide a flexible tracking solution with the best price in the market. Here are a few more items that might clarify how things work.

  • Smartphone and pluggable trackers record positions at least every minute
  • All tracking devices perform ‘turn by turn‘ tracking. If you turn, we record a position
  • Positions are sent to our servers immediately. In the event a data connection is not available positions are stored in the device and sent at the next available opportunity
  • Smartphone trackers switch from mobile to wifi connection seamlessly and data usage is typically less than 2Mb per month (yes, per month)