Improving Logistics With Vehicle Tracking

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March 6, 2015
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April 2, 2015
Logistics Vehicle Tracking - Pay as you Track

All businesses owners aim to provide a smooth running service for customers with as little wasted time as possible. Time is money and therefore the more wasted time can be reduced, the more profit that can be made. The problem is, if there is a fleet of 10 vans, how can you keep track of them all without incurring the expense of a dreaded ‘black box’ in each vehicle? With Pay as you Track, you can simply download the free app on to each of your driver’s phones and when they are in their vehicles it was automatically track their location in real time and send the data back to a central account for you to monitor.

The major advantage of our vehicle tracking app is that it runs in the background of your phone, enabling you to get on with day to day life without knowing it is there. The features include day/time settings so that you can automatically stop the app from tracking an employee in the evenings and on weekends for example. It is also worth noting that the app actually only works when in a vehicle, not when a person is just walking around – this means that people don’t have to worry about their privacy being breached.

As a business owner, the Pay as you Track app enables you to track the location of your vehicles for only 25p per day and every new customer gets a £10 free voucher to try it out – this will last for over a month. There will be no more wasted time with employees taking an extra 10 minutes on a job or taking the long way back to base in the evening following a job at 4 o’clock. Streamline the process and ensure you are getting the most out of your business today with our vehicle tracking app. Available now at the Apple, Android and Windows stores.