New Feature: Plug ‘n Go integration of next generation ‘no install’ ODBII tracker

Battery powered tracking feature
New feature: Integration of battery powered tracking
September 28, 2015
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September 30, 2015

Push to install tracker with optional removal alert!

Installing a tracker to the OBDII port of a vehicle is more flexible and cost effective than a wired device for tracking – just as long as it stays there! Trackers removed by service companies or employees, reluctant to have the vehicle tracked, are hard to identify and easy to lose.

With this is mind, PAY AS YOU TRACK have integrated a tracker that will alert when removed. The alert, by email or SMS will go to the manager identified in the system providing details on the driver, vehicle registration, location and time – of course it might be a genuine removal – but at least you are back in control of it!

PAY AS YOU TRACK provide simple to use, flexible tracking software integrated to a number of ‘trackers’ including traditional ‘black box’ hard-wired trackers, plug n’ drive devices and smartphones (Android™, Microsoft™ and iPhone™)

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