Pay as you Track has designed our tracking around the needs of you and your business. This means, our tracking is flexible, affordable, and easily accessible. We are the only tracking company to offer a no contract solution, as we believe that our customers should only pay for the days that the tracker or vehicle is used.

An affordable solution

Price comparison websites will often offer quotes that span from 3-5 years. These contracts can cost anything from £9.99 to £20.00 depending on the sophistication of the tracking device. The catch is that you will have to pay that monthly fee for the duration of your contract, even on the months that your tracker or vehicle is not in use. With our unique ‘pay for the days you track’ no contract solution, you can be prepared for whatever the future holds.

“If an engineer is on holiday, their tracker remains active, however, it costs us nothing.” - TTS Telford

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See how much our customer has been able to save during the Covid-19 lockdown using Pay as you Track in comparison to a fixed monthly contract with another tracking company. The customer has a fleet of 23 vehicles with a standard hardwired tracker.

 Monthly Tracking Costs
 Other Tracking CompaniesPay as you Track

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It is important to note that our low costs don’t equate to a compromise in quality, features and support. As our customers are not tied into any contracts, that means that they stay with Pay as you Track due to the high standard of service and efficient support that we provide.


At Pay as you Track, we believe that the best way you can prepare your company for the future is by being adaptable and flexible. With Pay as you Track’s no contract solution, you are free to change your price plan at any time, to best suit your business’s needs. Whereas contracts tie you into a certain time frame before upgrading, Pay as you Track allow you to increase and decrease your fleet at will with no overhead, so you know you’re always getting the best deal for your business.