Lone Worker tracking Device
Lone worker tracking device
May 22, 2019
Multi-camera tracker
May 22, 2019
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Hardwired Lite

From: £95.00 exl. Vat

Traditional tracking device wired into vehicle for cost effective quality tracking.

Can connect to some Accessories including:

  • Driver-id – allowing drivers to use a personalised key fob to ‘sign-in’ to vehicle.
  • Remote immobiliser – can immobilise vehicle from computer
  • Temperature sensor – track the temperature of your vehicle.
  • Privacy switch – make private – untracked journeys.
  • Door open sensor.

Driver ID

The wiring necessary to provide driver identification by means of registered key fob.

Each driver ID pack includes one key fob.  Additional id fobs for multiple drivers or replacements can also be bought at a later stage.

Remote Immobiliser

Our Remote Immobiliser provides the wiring necessary to immobilise the tracked vehicle from the system. Please note - immobilisation will only be effected when the vehicle is stationary.

Please note, installation is required, please call for a quote.

Temperature sensor

Sensor to install in the vehicle where temperature is to be monitored. Linked to the tracker sending regular temperature information back to the server.

Privacy Switch for Private millage

The wiring necessary to physically prevent the vehicle being tracked.

Please note, installation is required, please call for a quote.

Door Open Sensor

Record and recieve alerts when vehicle doors are opened.


£75 per device, please select how many of our devices will need installing.

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Traditional tracking device wired into vehicle.


  • Cost effective, simple quality tracker
  • Can connect to some Accessories


Requires installation at £75.00

What needs Tracking?

Car, HGV, Plant Machinery, Van

Additional Features (Add-ons)

Hidden From View, Door open sensor, Driver-id, Privacy switch, Remote immobiliser, Temperature sensor

Level of Tracking

Track and Report, Track and Trace

Driver ID


With Buzzer, Without Buzzer

Attached to a camera tracker?

Yes, No