Road Deaths to be Cut by Compulsory Tracking Devices

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April 10, 2015
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April 27, 2015

In a recent development in EU law, all new cars will contain a black box that will automatically alert emergency services in the event of an accident, by 2018.

Due to be implemented within the next three years, all new cars and small vehicles will contain tracking devices, as a compulsory measure. Ministers say that this will help to reduce deaths and serious injuries on the road.

If a driver experiences an accident with significant impact, the black box will be prompted to make an urgent call to the nearest emergency services. This technology, will aid those in particularly nasty accidents, where they are unable to speak or reach their phone. The vehicle tracking software will be able to send information on the the the exact location, time of the accident, the direction the driver was heading in and the extent of impact to vehicle, including whether or not the airbags have been deployed. If a driver has witnessed an accident and are unable to identify where they are, there will also be a button which allows them to be tracked.

Tests have been undertaken to discover the potential knock on effect of implementing this technology, which claims that emergency service response times could be reduced by up to 60 percent. This figure amounts to saving the lives of around 2,500 people, and reducing the severity of injuries of a mass percentage more.

Research for the Department of Transport have suggested that by 2033, 747 deaths every year would be prevented.

Some privacy groups raised concerns over the potential exploitation of such technology being forcefully installed, however the European Council was quick to squash these worries. A statement was released to reassure drivers that the devices would lie “dormant” up until the moment that a serious accident occurs, and no data from the tracking system would be shared with consent from the driver.

Telematics software has a clear benefit when in relation to the safety of drivers. Not only does it pinpoint the location of drivers, should anything go wrong, it also helps to prevent it in the first place. The vehicle tracking technology that we provide at Pay As You Track has additional benefits, to those that have been suggested by the EU. Our telematics system automatically monitor the usage of a vehicle, which includes reminding you of when a service is due, when tyres need replacing and also identifies and warns you of excessive speeding and improper use.

If you want to find out how Pay As You Track can help protect you, and your family, contact a member of our team today for information.