Trackers & Cameras

Pay as you Track integrate to a number of telematics devices / trackers and tracking cameras ( mobile cctv devices). If you are uncertain which is the best option please contact us.

Camera Tracker / Mobile DVR / Mobile CCTV

Our All in One Solution

Tracking Cameras are so new no-one knows what to call them yet!

Pay as you Track integrate to more than one manufacturer type so costs and specification will vary, please contact us to determine which is best fit for you

  • one device to record journey video along side tracking data
  • have multiple cameras attached to the box: front, rear, side, internal - you choose
  • 1Tb hard disc (upgradeable) provides one months worth of rolling data at any one time for up to 3 cameras
  • NO flaky SD cards to worry about!
  • Video Footage available as

Dash Cam

We integrate to a number of Dash Cams (not always the cheapest but) tried and tested for reliability and best-in-class. The Dash Cams record video footage of a journey to an SD card as well as tracking data. Our selection criteria includes:

  • quality of video footage
  • security of SD and SIM from tampering - typically SD cards will record one rolling day of video footage
  • reliability of tracking

Video footage can be downloaded remotely.

Be aware that SD cards do have their disadvantages.

Battery Trackers

With internal batteries that will last from 3 to 5 years depending on use and which of the Battery Trackers you choose. Pay as you Track integrate with a number of Battery Trackers suitable for use where:

  • Size is important as space is at a minimum
  • Need long life battery
  • Opportunity to change the battery is a problem
  • Power is not (always) available from whatever you are tracking
    • tracking a trailer? - use a battery tracker that can link to the cab power and fall back on battery power when not linked to the cab
    • tracking a skip and only want to know whereabouts once a day - no power available so Battery only
    • tracking a caravan - install and forget for a few years - use a Battery tracker or if you want to be more certain of your caravan consider a mobile cctv camera

Hardwired Trackers

These trackers are installed in and take their power from the vehicle. They are extremely reliable and difficult to tamper with. Pay as you Track integrate with a number, differentiated by price, manufacturer and features - all have been well tested and trialed. There are also specific hardwired trackers for motorbike, tacho integration and plant&machinery.

For Tracking / Telematics without video these are the best option.

Plug-IN Trackers

These trackers are self-fit as they plug into the OBDII port of the vehicle. Very reliable, they provide a wealth of data including vehicle diagnostic information ( if made available by the vehicle manufacturer). Pay as you Track integrate with a number, of these devices, however:

  • they are not suitable for 24v vehicles (HGV's)
  • their big problems are that they are easy to move / remove / tamper with accidentally or otherwise. Sometimes they get moved when the vehicle is serviced and don't get put back, sometimes they get knocked out accidentally and sometimes drivers removed them becasue they don't want to be tracked

For Tracking / Telematics without video these are the best option.

Contact us to discuss which tracker and software package works best for your organisation.