Camera Tracker

Everything you need in one device – a rear view mirror camera tracker!

Track – the tracking is as good as it gets with all of the benefits and features expected and required for efficient tracking of your fleet

Video –a forward facing camera videos the journey saving footage to a micro sd card. Option to remotely download footage in the event of an incident. Incident alerts featured in software.

Rearview Mirror – this device replaces the vehicle rearview mirror. The display is a split in to two partitions, one to provide the mirror and the other a touch screen with the APPS available.

APPS -  this is an Android device with WiFi and blue tooth hands free. Android available APPs to support your business such as scheduling and SAT-NAV are accessible.

How it Works

  • Fitted to the windscreen
  • Wired into the vehicle it comes one with the ignition
  • Tracking is minute-by-minute and turn-by-turn
  • Video operation is automatic and continual - overwriting previous footage
  • Video retrieval either by removing/replacing SD card or by downloading selected footage
  • SIM provided in package for tracking and video
  • APP use? own SIM option or quote sized SIM

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