Unique multi-sided geozones mean customers need never be neglected

Fleet telematics
Fleets seek telematics-based discounts
September 3, 2015
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New feature: Integration of battery powered tracking
September 28, 2015

Don’t neglect your customers! Pay as you Track’s geozones are completely dynamic and easily set up to be as specific as required, with none of the limitations of traditional radius geozones.

The ‘Places’ module allows you to draw multi-sided geozones ensuring more accurate reporting and alerting.

Yes, they are completely configurable and, through customized alerts, can highlight when a zone hasn’t been visited in a specified amount of time, or when it has. Imagine the benefits of being able to see all your customers on a map and highlight the ones that haven’t been visited in the last 6 months, or any time period of your choice.

With Pay as you Track’s vehicle tracking you can set an unlimited number of geozones, no matter what type of tracking device you use, including smartphones, Plug ‘n’ Drive units and traditional hard-wired boxes.

Unlike other tracking companies, we don’t rely on the tracking unit to remember or limit the number of geozones – our powerful tracking application allows you to create and save as many as your business requires. All your saved geozones will populate business mileage reports and vehicle expense reports to make it a doddle to identify business and personal journeys.

To start tracking simply download the app on your phone or get in touch on [email protected]

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Remember, you can add *as many* devices to your account as you wish!