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Pay as You Track are the ONLY no contract, 'pay as you go' vehicle tracking system, charging only for the days the tracker/vehicle is used. We believe that tracking should meet the needs of YOUR business, that means being affordable, flexible, easy to use and open. Our unique pricing model matches the your busy and quiet periods and our software aims to match your business use.

Cloud hosted, accessible via most web browsers with easy-to-view tracking of live and historical vehicle journeys, unlimited geo-fences and standard reports. We aim to keep the software powerful, the customer in control but the interface simple and intuitive.

Customise the system to meet your business needs from a range of additional features and accessories.

A ‘free to use’ open API for anyone who wants to use their data elsewhere and to integrate.

Our clients benefit from the frequent new releases to our software as we add new features and functionality no extra cost.

Every business is unique, maybe there is something our development team can do that improves the fit of tracking into yours?

Develop your own tracking brand by joining our Partner program; integrate the tracking platform into your company, software or business? Or white label the software with your company logo.

We provide a range of third-party trackers, cost is one consideration but putting the focus on providing the best customer experience we also test all the trackers we use for reliability, being ‘fit for purpose’ and durability.

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