Using telematics data to reduce fleet incidents

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April 2, 2015
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September 3, 2015
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An article by Commercial Fleet magazine poses the question, “Will you see a reduction in incidents if your fleet adopts telematics?”

It’s a key question fleets need to answer and the figures from operators and suppliers suggest that yes, you definitely can.

Speakers at the recent Brake Fleet Safety Conference cited concrete evidence of improved safety and reduced accidents since adopting telematics, with one company experiencing a drop in incidents of approximately 80% and a noticeable reduction in the severity of these incidents.

It’s easy to think of telematics purely as technology that monitors how those behind the wheel are behaving; however, there are other safety benefits.Telematics Gateshead Council underwent a programme to optimise the routes for its largest vehicles and used telematics technology to work out the safest, most efficient journeys. By comparing the data it collects, the telematics software can pick out the best routes. By optimising the routes they were then able to reduce the amount of time they are in those routes.

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Image source: Commercial Fleet