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How Does Vehicle Tracking Work?
March 5, 2015
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Improving Logistics With Vehicle Tracking
March 12, 2015
How Does Vehicle Tracking Work

The use of GPS (Global Positioning System) has been a success for popular brands, Garmin, Benefon and TomTom. Because of these company’s successes, GPS was incorporated into smartphones and has become popular with mobile users for location awareness, smartphone maps and the ever popular, ‘checking in’ feature on Facebook.

But what is GPS? And how does it work?

The US military set up a series of satellites that detect the position of any enabled, connected device.

Satellites for GPS are located in orbit 11,000 miles above the Earth. High-frequency radio signals are sent and received from the satellite and the device on earth, in this case, the smartphone. The device is able to calculate the distance to each satellite and then it’s own position on earth, thus, showing the location and distance of that device.

Six GPS satellites are in direct line of sight at any given time, meaning objects such as trees, walls or roofs don’t block them. For a device to receive accurate location information when the GPS receiver is switched on, it requires at least four visible satellites.

GPS has benefitted many people, whether that’s for map devices through to fleet tracking software. A popular taxi firm, Uber, use GPS tracking as the groundwork for their business. Because of this, customers who book an Uber taxi from their app, are able to track their taxi’s whereabouts, see how long they’re expected to wait, based on the taxi location and taxi base operators are able to view the taxi drivers progress and performance.

Every smartphone has an accelerometer. An accelerometer is a sensor that measures the tilt and orientation of your device. You may notice if you are an iPhone user that when you tilt your phone landscape, the screen moves to landscape, this is an example of an accelerometer.
Our Pay as you Track app works with a phones accelerometer and GPS signal to gain information on driver performance; braking intensity, accelerating and cornering, as well as driver location, journey time and distance travelled.

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