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October 28, 2015
Pay as you Track API
January 8, 2018
Trailer tracked

Track your trailers with Pay as you Track

Telematics smartphone tracking APP from Pay as you Track. Despite the lower fuel costs we have enjoyed this year there has never been a better time to look for ways of reducing the cost of your fleet, or improving its efficiency. For most companies the costs and inefficiencies of running a fleet are high and create additional management headaches and distractions from your core business. A myriad of software promises to ‘manage’ the fleet for you but overselling, complexity and lack of understanding of what features will make the difference, mean most systems do little to help while adding another job to your ‘to do’ list.

So where do the inefficiencies and extra costs come from? The answer is a lot of ‘little’ things that quickly add up: vehicle speeding, vehicle idling, stuck in traffic, late start, early finish, number of jobs (not done) in a day etc. The fix is telematics tracking software, but is its cost greater than the problem?

A big turn-off for many SME businesses has been the 3 to 5 year contract tie in, the proprietary nature of the ‘black box’ tracker that keeps you stuck with a provider even after you’ve found a better alternative, ‘black box’ installation time is down time you don’t want and then there is the cost itself!

So what if you could track without a black box at all? Smartphones have all the functionality of a tracker and so what if the phone is the personal property of the driver and not provided by the company? A free ‘App’ downloaded to the phone will make it track, privacy features protect the user’s personal time and a vehicle mileage report, included to benefit your driver, also saves their time filling in mileage forms! And additional features keep your customers informed on driver locations and arrival times, as well as alerts for driver behaviour to improve business efficiency and employee safety.

And the benefit for the company? Low-cost tracking with NO contract tie-ins, use it or don’t and pay only for what you do use and not when it’s standing around. What’s more you may be able to get some reduction in your insurance costs by tracking your vehicles. Up to date real time tracking almost immediately, no waiting, no installation, no down time transferring from vehicle to vehicle. Installed non-proprietary trackers are available for those who want them. All the standard tracking features are supported plus unique ones, an open API also allows you to access/pull at the data and, as the software was developed in-house, new ones and bespoke additions are also available.

So, why wouldn’t you?

Pay as you Track Limited has an impressive pedigree of tracking experience. Understanding what works and what doesn’t, where tracking can make a difference and why it often doesn’t, the team will work alongside you to make sure it fits into your processes and delivers benefits.

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