Just some of our tracking features

Clear pricing

  • - Pay only for the days you use
  • - Pay only for what you need
  • - A range of functionality packs

No contract

  • - Contract Free = total flexibility
  • - Credit option using ‘top-up’ or
  • - Monthly invoice on tracking usage
  • - Download App - start tracking today!


  • - Add / Remove devices instantly
  • - Track only what your business needs
  • - Mix and Match your devices

Honest & approachable

  • - We work with you
  • - Find the “best fit” solution for business
  • - Tailor package and service to you

Walk or Drive

  • - The two-speed feature
  • - Tracking of vehicles or pedestrians

Free Trial

  • - Try before you buy
  • - Free no obligation 40-day trial

Start tracking today

What our customers say

  • Stefan Belkowski
    The app works well with both Android and Apple devices, so we successfully installed it to our workers’ mobiles. Now we can very easily monitor workers activity during the day, and also provide our clients with the precise information about streets covered. The trackers usually work well, but if there are any problems, it’s always very easy to get through to Pay as you Track staff. Their personnel are very friendly, helpful and professional and any issues are solved very quickly and easily.
    Stefan Belkowski
    Urban Postman

to track by foot or vehicle


Reduction in costs on a fleet of 30 vehicles by not paying for weekend tracking that you don’t need


seconds/minute-by-minute and turn by turn tracking

1 minute

to set-up your smartphone as tracker and get tracking

Claim your free trial - and track for 40 days

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