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Car with vehicle tracking Finance options now available on selected trackers

Car with vehicle tracking Money tag Illustration Our all in one solution Illustration Support Illustration Pay for what you track, Clock Illustration We believe that tracking should meet the needs of your business and that means being affordable, flexible and easily accessible using our open API. Our unique pricing model matches your business' needs and demands, providing you with a simple cost-effective method of paying as you go.

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Car with vehicle tracking Discover the cost of tracking your business Tracking Cost Calculator

Discover the cost of tracking for your business with our tracking cost calculator. Tracking Cost
Discover the cost of tracking for your business with our tracking cost calculator. Check Out Our Trackers & Cameras Our Price Plans Choose what level of tracking you'll require from our flexible price plans, starting at just 30p per day of tracking.

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Slide Tyres on the Drive "The vehicle tracking reporting PAYT provide is excellent, live, intuative and with all the key features necessary for a service like Tyres on the Drive; immediate and responsive. The tracking hardwire is extremley reliable and comes in many forms to fit our various and every changing requirements; from standard trackers to multi-cameras 'all in one' tracking solutions, the technology is up to date.
Support is approachable and helpful - and if it's not a support problem but something 'extra' we want, then PAYT work with us to deliver exactly what we need."
Halfords Cars on a motorway Tyres on the Drive van driving on the road
Slide Freight Transport & Fleet Managment "It is vital to the business that we know where our vehicles are. We first installed hardwired trackers in May 2016 to six of our vehicles on the bronze package, now we have 21 installed. With no contract, no tie in, we stya with Pay as you Track because we get what we need. A reliable service and solid product, with the bonus of only paying for tracking when the vehicles are being used - on some days that could be 4 and others 21!" Hoylake Commericals Cars on a motorway Slide Event Support, Vehicle Logistics & Fleet Management "The PAYT system provides exactly the finanical model that we required, paying only for the tracking on the day that the units are utilised, and also delivered all the main core elements of the functionality that we needed to make this a viable solution.
PAYT also worked closely with us to provide bespoke enhancements on-time and on-budget for our client branded solutions, providing dedicated enhancements which have been invaluable in offering a system with very specific solutions that do no appear elsewhere in the marketplace."
OTM Services Cars on a motorway

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    Basic Concepts 2

    Almost all calls to and from the Pay as you Track API require the use of of a 'dataset' field....
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    Detail Report

    Query Parameters opReportYessubopDetailedYesticket{ticket}YesstartDate{email}YesendDate{password}YesvehicleIDs{comma delimited list of ids or 0 for wildcard}YesgroupIDs{comma delimited list of ids or 0 for wildcard}YeslevelOfDetail{0 or...
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    Releasing Pay as you Track’s Finance Solution

    Releasing Pay as you Track’s Finance Solution

    Pay as you Track is now offering finance solutions to our customer to spread the investment of your hardware. The...
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    Basic Concepts

    Note that all API calls are logged and timed. There are limits set on call frequency to prevent over enthusiastic...
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    Basic ConceptsAuthenticationVehicle MovementActivity at Place/TimeTravelling TimeMoving TimeVehicle Idling TimeDistance CoveredMax SpeedInfringements (Over-speeding, Harsh-braking, Harsh-Acceleration and sharp turns)Battery VoltageTemperatureColocationIncident
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