Traditional Vehicle Tracking Device

GPS Vehicle Tracking

A GPS tracking device is installed into your vehicle to record driving information such as; location, time, speed, driving behavior, starts, stops, and so much more….

There are two tracking device options:

  • This device must be installed by a qualified auto-electrician whether that's yours or ours!
  • Tracking as soon as it’s installed minute-by-minute and turn-by-turn
  •  Connect additional functionality:
    • Driver ID – be sure which driver did which trip, which speeding event, etc.
    • Temperature Sensor – monitor the temperature within the van.
    • Privacy Switch – added confidence for your drivers that their time is private.
    • Immobilize the vehicle remotely when you need to.
  • Suitable for HGV.
Plug-In Drive
  • Minute-by-minute and turn-by-turn tracking.
  • With the ignition turned on you plug the device into the OBDII port.
  • OBDII ports are in different places in vehicles.
  • An optional splitter cable to avoid the need to remove the tracker during vehicle servicing.
  • The LED lights should flash – the vehicle will register on the software as soon as it moves.
  • OBDII is not suitable for HGV.
  • Fault Reporting as published by the vehicle manufacturer.

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