3G Dashcam

Sleek & Discrete 3G Dashcam Tracker

Because you never know what is around that next corner... 

The dashcam tracker Is an advanced dashcam with 3G and WiFi capability providing realtime tracking and over air download of video footage.

Track – the tracking is as good as it gets with all of the benefits and features expected and required for efficient tracking of your fleet

Video – With two full HD resolution cameras (front and inward) and ultra wide 150-degree viewing angle it records video at 1080p. The Footage is saved to a micro SD card which can either be removed or remotely download in the event of an incident.

How it Works

  • Dashboard/windscreen fitting
  • Wired into the vehicle and activated by the ignition
  • Tracking is minute-by-minute and turn-by-turn
  • Video operation is automatic and continual - overwriting previous footage
  • Video retrieval either by removing SD card or by downloading selected footage
  • SIM provided in package for tracking and video

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