Vehicle Tracking Multi Camera DVR

Professional 4G Multi Camera Vehicle Tracking DVR

A ‘must have’ for the Fleet Manager of today who is not just delivering, servicing, long haul or short haul but juggling a long list of complex responsibilities business responsibilities:

  • Get there on time
  • Efficient and cost-effective delivery - fuel, distance and time
  • Managing the drivers working hours, health and safety

while keeping:

  • the load intact – nothing taken away and no extra passengers!
  • the vehicle safe – repairs and insurance are costly items
  • anything near the vehicle safe – cyclists, pedestrians, other vehicles
  • up with the ever changing schemes, rules, regulations and legislation

Now, while Pay as you Track software looks after the tracking needs, the Multi-Camera DVR provides effective ‘CCTV’ for your vehicles.

The DVR can accommodate up to 5 cameras; front, rear, internal and sides all of which can be viewed live on screen inside the cab.

Where it Scores over a Dashcam

Video footage is recorded to a hard disc (lockable panels protect the hard disc and SIM from tampering) and can be downloaded at will storing up to 1 month (upgradable to up to 2 months) rolling video footage at any time.

  • No messy SD cards:
    • they are too easy to tamper with!
    • they fail just when you need them to work!
  • No sending someone out just to recover video footage
  • No endless stream of footage to wade through to find the bit you’re looking for

Activated by ‘ignition on’ the DVR can continue to record for a further 15 minutes after ignition off to make sure to capture the full incident. A UPS option is also available for recording without power to the vehicle.

Operating on 4G falling back to 3G when no 4G available, the SIM usage is both efficient and cost-effective.

How it Works

  • Discreet under seat fitting of DVR
  • Wired into the vehicle and activated by the ignition
  • Tracking is minute-by-minute and turn-by-turn
  • Video operation is automatic and continual - overwriting previous footage
  • Video retrieval by downloading selected footage
  • SIM provided in package for tracking and video

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