Professional 4G Multi-Camera Vehicle Tracking DVR

Professional 4G Multi-Camera Vehicle Tracking DVR

Our multi-camera DVR is a ‘must-have’ for the Fleet Manager of today who juggles a long list of business responsibilities. While Pay as you Track’s software looks after your tracking needs, the Multi-Camera DVR provides effective CCTV for your vehicles.

The DVR can accommodate up to 5 cameras; front, rear, internal and sides, all of which can be viewed live on a screen inside the cab.

The benefits of using a multi-camera vehicle tracking DVR

  • Video footage is recorded to a hard disc, protected with lockable panels so that the SIM and hard disc cannot be tampered with. The footage can be downloaded whenever needed, storing up to 1 month (upgradable to 2 months) rolling video at any one time.
  • The tracker is activated by ‘ignition on’ and the DVR can continue to record for a further 15 minutes after ‘ignition off’ to make sure to capture the full incident. A UPS option is also available for recording without power to the vehicle.multi camera dvr with integrated vehicle tracking
  • The device uses 4G and falls back onto 3G when no 4G is available. The SIM usage is both efficient and cost-effective, typically using less than 2MB of mobile data per month.

How it works

  • Discreet under-seat fitting of DVR
  • Wired into the vehicle and activated by the ignition
  • Tracking is minute-by-minute and turn-by-turn
  • Video operation is automatic and continual
  • Previous footage is overwritten after a month on the hard disc
  • Video retrieval by downloading selected footage or video streaming is available
  • SIM provided in the package for tracking and video

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