Motorbike tracking

Slide Sign up for free icon Buy device icon PAYT Wifi Symbol 1 3 4 2 Start tracking Create an account Buy device Install your device PAYT install icon You can either install this device yourself or with a qualfied engineer. The tracker (1175) has a simple 3 wire installation: red (power), white (ignition) and black (ground). You can mount the device with either a tie-wrap, adhesive, velcro or a screw mounting bracket. Installation documentation is available upon request.

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Motorbike, Scooter and Moped Tracking

A small tracking device for use with motorbikes, quad bikes, and other similar vehicles.
Small vehicles can be susceptible to theft and open to the elements. With little space to place and hide a tracking mechanism, it can make the ownership of some form of bike quite risky and potentially costly in terms of the insurance. A bike is however very necessary in some jobs due to its flexibility and ability to get through traffic and into places other vehicles cannot. Tracking is, therefore, an essential cost-effective solution to protecting your vehicle.

How it works

  • Low power sleep mode does not drain the battery
  • Its form allows it to fit in small spaces
  • Installation is simple, using a 3 wire installation and can be mounted with a tie-wrap, adhesive, velcro or screw mounted bracket
  • The tracker is fully sealed and water-resistant
  • Minute-by-minute and turn-by-turn tracking
  • Equipped with speeding and driver behaviour options

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