Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

All our solutions use the Pay as you Track software suite

Vehicle Tracking

A tracking device is installed into your vehicle to record driving information such as: location, time, speed, driving behaviour, starts, stops, and so much more. Choose from either hardwired or plug-in trackers. Hardwired trackers are installed in the vehicle, hidden behind the dash and are difficult to tamper with. Plug-in trackers can be fitted and removed yourself.

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Fleet Tracking


The device is a tracker and a forward-facing camera plus an additional rear-facing or internal camera.

The display camera records HD video to the SD Card which you can download remotely by clicking on the vehicle track and selecting the length of video time you want to see and store. You can access one download per month per vehicle aggregated on our standard plan which can be upgraded.

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Multi-Camera Tracking

One device and one SIM that records video from multiple cameras in the vehicle at the same time as tracking the vehicle. There is no loss or corrupt SD cards; the video data is recorded to a 1TB hard disc, which on average holds up to 30 days rolling data at any one time. You can remotely download the video by selecting location on the vehicle track and specifying the length of the download. All camera views are downloaded simultaneously. Standard installation is a 150MB SIM which includes one download per vehicle per month aggregated.

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Camera Tracking

Motorbike Tracking

A small, water-resistant tracker ideal for motorbikes, mopeds, and quad bikes.

Provides minute-by-minute and turn-by-turn tracking and is hardwired to the vehicle. The device has a low power sleep mode for when the vehicle is not in use and its internal antenna allows it to be mounted virtually anywhere on the vehicle.

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Trailer Tracking

There are two types of trailer tracking.

Battery-powered tracker:  Track your trailer or skip with a battery-powered tracker. The battery can last up to 7 years dependent on the level of tracking/communication you want for your trailer.

Powered tracker: Appropriate for a trailer taking power from the cab/vehicle. This tracker takes its power from the cab when linked to it and will record all journey details. When unhitched it works from an internal battery and will continue to send once-a-day pings informing you of its location. The battery lasts approximately 6 months and recharges once reconnected.

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Lorry Trailer

Skip, Pallet and Caravan Tracking

A simple battery-only operated tracking device for use with vehicles such as caravans which more infrequently and stand still for long period of time. Battery life spans from 3 to 5 years depending on the operation. 

Caravans with power could also use other tracking solutions such as a mobile CCTC camera to monitor unexpected movement and use.

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Caravan Tracker

Plant and Machinery Tracking

A robust tracker for use with trailer, tractors, site, farm and construction vehicles. 

The tracker connects to both 12V and 24V vehicles and has a large rechargeable battery so that the tracking operates when the vehicle is left standing for a long period of time. As an additional feature, the device can also monitor engine hours.

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Plant and Machinery


Read more about DVS, FORS and CLOCS. The schemes impact fleet operational quality and improve the safety of our roads for vehicles, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Vehicle tracking and telematics can provide fleet managers with the information they need, underpinning vehicle location, driver behaviour and providing suitable equipment.

DVS affects HGVs entering London from the 26th of October 2020. Failure to comply with Safe System requirement will result in fines from February 2021. Look at how we can support your business with Pay as you Tracks DVS Safe System Solutions or to discuss further solutions please contact us. 

Look at how we can support your business with Pay as you Tracks DVS Safe System solutions or to discuss contact us.

Read more about  DVS, FORS and CLOCS.


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