Why Choose Pay as you Track?


With so many tracking companies why choose Pay as you Track ?

For now, tomorrow and the day after......

    • Choose the features you need today, upgrade them tomorrow
    • Grow and shrink the system as your business changes
    • No inflexible contracts in the way
    • Add features unique to your business
    • In-house R&D continually looking at new technologies and developing our software
    • Customised features and reports
Price the main decider?
    • It’s all in the name - pay only for the days you use the vehicle!
    • A wide range of competitively priced tracking devices
    • Software price breaks from simple tracking to the more complex features
Support important?
    • The best service we can provide is reliable:
      • hosting and
      • trouble free software and
      • dependable trackers
    • Our 'online training' is free to use, just call and make an appointment
    • Network of field installers available, or we provide installation documentation

How Does Vehicle Tracking Work

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