Why Choose Pay as you Track?

With so many tracking companies, why choose Pay as you Track?

  • Because we understand that businesses change, we offer flexible contracts that can be changed to your needs, from simple tracking to software with more complex features.
  • Our product is personal to your business, providing you with the ability to customise features to best suit you.
  • We offer a range of solutions including the All in One Solution which includes video recording of the journey in addition to tracking your vehicle.
  • R&D in-house continually looks at new technologies and developing our software.
  • Our unique ability to pay only for the days you want to track.
  • Competitively priced tracking devices suitable for your specific needs.

What support can we offer you?

  • Our team provides you with fast and direct support.
  • The hosting is reliable, our trackers are dependable and our software trouble-free.
  • Give us a call to book an appointment for free online training.
  • We use a network of field installers, or we can provide installation documentation so your own qualified auto electrician can install the device.  


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