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Remote Immobilisation

Pay as you Track's immobiliser is connected to your vehicle's ignition circuit and controlled from a digital output in your tracker. When you or another authorized individual activates the immobiliser, the switch is opened. This cuts off the electric circuit to the starter so the vehicle can't move. Ideal for: Individuals looking for an extra level of theft prevention.  Vehicle rental/hire companies that want to immobilise their vehicles if taken out of a set boundary.   To be fitted by an engineer.

Door Open Sensor

Pay as you Track's Door open sensor consists of a sensor mounted on the door that transmits a signal to a receiver when the door is opened, causing a self-triggered alarm. The alarm will cause an alert to be sent to your online portal, email or text.  Ideal for: Individuals looking for an extra level of theft prevention and crime deterrence. Businesses looking to monitor when their vehicles are entered and exited. To be fitted by an engineer.

Driver ID

Pay as you Track's Driver ID provides vehicle-related businesses with a way of identifying their drivers. Business managers are provided with fobs to allocate to their drivers. The vehicles are fitted with a reader to which the fob connects. Once the reader is activated, information on the driver will be uploaded to the online portal. The report contains key metrics to keep you informed on the driver's performance as well as highlight any areas for improvement.   Ideal for: Vehicle-related businesses that have multiple drivers sharing one vehicle.  To be fitted by an engineer.

Temperature Sensor

If your business needs to ensure compliance around vehicle/cargo bay temperature, we offer the ability to capture, review and report on this data remotely, by installing temperature sensors - perfect for refrigeration businesses. Ideal for: Refrigeration businesses such as food delivery companies. Mobile food vans To be bolted onto the asset.

Privacy Switch

Pay as you Track's privacy switch allows drivers to turn off GPS tracking while conducting personal activities.  Ideal for: Vehicle-related businesses where vehicles are used for a combination of professional and personal use.  To be fitted by an engineer.

Driver Behaviour

Pay as you Track's driver behaviour allows you to monitor your or your employees driving standards as part of a risk assessment. Driver behaviour includes standard speeding events and (if enabled) driver behaviour events such as harsh acceleration, braking and cornering. Values are averaged over distance travelled so that you can compare vehicles 'like for like'. Ideal for: Fleets managers who want to improve driving standards. Fleets looking to improve driver risks. To be fitted by an engineer.

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