If you are a reseller of connectivity or IT then our tailored programs for Resellers provide another product for you to offer into your existing customer base.

Software Suite

  • A comprehensive tracking suite that is easy to use with a modern user interface.
  • We can tailor to your market needs, white labeling the software and providing features specific to your market.



  • Choose your support package. Do you want to provide support to your customers directly or do you want us to provide that service?
  • First Line: You provide support and training to your customer. Any questions you cannot answer you pass to us.
  • Second Line: We provide support and training to your customers in your name.
  • Third Line: All support and training is provided by Pay as you Track.


We integrate to a wide range of vehicle trackers,  tried and tested for reliability and best-in-class. Our resellers get to choose if we:

  • supply third part trackers integrated with the software to you
  • integrate trackers of your choice into the software
  • supply sim cards or we use yours
  • use our installers or yours

Reseller Benefits

  • Margins on hardware and recurring income where you set your selling price, sales model and choose if you want to use our sim or yours.
  • Increased customer ownership/share.

The Pay as you Track software is developed in-house and because the software IP belongs to us, we can make it look and feel unique to you and change it to fit your needs quickly and easily.

Contact us to discuss which tracker and software package works best for your organisation.