Every Pay as you Track Partner has a unique business model enhanced by the addition of our telematics suite to the overall product offering. As such each of our relationships is unique to that Partner.

Partner Profile

Typically, a vehicle-related business will require telematics in some form: straight vehicle tracking, mobile CCTV, mobile video, driving, visibility sensors and immobilisers, so why not then provide these services yourself? Examples of our partners are vehicle body builders such as our partner On-Board Power and vehicle lease companies. Becoming a partner will benefit you if you’re:

  • leasing vehicles as a business where tracking services would add value for you and your client. Pay as you Track’s flexibility would be a huge benefit.
  • a vehicle leasing company that wants to make telematics available to its customer base under its own banner
  • a body builder where you can make a margin on hardware and installation but leave the tracking to Pay as you Track


Pay as you Track integrate to a wide range of vehicle trackers that are tried and tested for reliability and quality.

Why use our Pay as you Track software?

  • We supply third party trackers integrated with the software to you, having handpicked and tested the best trackers on the market to use with our software.
  • We can integrate our software into a tracker of your choice.

Customer Support

Bespoke your customer support package.

  • Do you want us to provide support and training?
  • Do you want us to provide customer support for you?
  • Do you want us to take over once the vehicle goes out of the gate?

Partner Benefits

The Pay as you Track software is developed in-house, meaning that the software IP belongs to us.

The Partner benefits we can provide:

  • We can offer margins on hardware and recurring incoming depending on your business model.
  • You can set your selling price, allowing for an increased customer ownership/share.
  • We can make the software look and feel unique to you, changing the original software to easily fit your needs.

Contact us to discuss which tracker and software package works best for your organisation.