DVS - Operational from October 2020

What do you need to satisfy the DVS requirement?

The Mayor of London is aiming to be eliminate all deaths and serious injuries from road collisions from London’s streets by 2041.

To achieve this target and reduce risk relating to heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and people walking and cycling, the result is DVS. It means all lorries more than 12 tonnes GVW entering or operating in Greater London need a permit to do so and in order to get that permit these vehicles must include a minimum number of safety features and in 2024 the minimum level is raised.

DVS Safe System Requirements Overview

The intention is to improve visibility for the driver, so:

  • Class V mirror shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle - contact your vehicle supplier
  • Class VI mirror shall be fitted to the front of the vehicle - contact your vehicle supplier
  • Side under-run protection shall be fitted to both sides of the vehicle (except where this is impractical or proves to be impossible) - contact your vehicle supplier
  • A sensor system that alerts the driver to the presence of a vulnerable road user shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle - contact Pay as you Track
  • Audible vehicle manoeuvring warning shall be fitted to warn vulnerable road users when a vehicle is turning left - - contact Pay as you Track
  • A fully operational camera monitoring system shall be fitted to the nearside of the vehicle -- contact Pay as you Track

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Pay as you Track DVS Safe System

Camera Monitoring

Pay as you Track supply and fit a number of Mobile DVR's with up to 8 cameras. Footage from all cameras is recorded to the DVR on a rolling basis, the DVR is either a 1 or 2Tb disc.

The 1Tb disc will hold around one month data for a 3 camera system. Footage can be downloaded remotely. An in-cab screen displays side camera views and full rear view of the vehicle to the driver. A range of cameras can be attached to the DVR to meet the client needs.

Blind Spots sorted!  Evidence Sorted!  and you have vehicle journey tracking and video footage included!

Pay as you Track DVS Safe System

Audible Alerts and Sensors

  • ADJUSTABLE Audible & Visual warnings giving an audible warning regardless of distance.  SAS dipswitch settings allow adjustment of the point at which both audible and visual warnings are activated left and right.
  • Brake Input Trigger - while stationary in traffic, depressing the brake pedal activates the brake input trigger to reduce the detection distance to 1m and provide a visual warning when vehicles or people are within the warning zone.
  • Daisy Chained Sensor Head - ONE cable installation to the module making it quick and easy.
  • Compatible with all vehicles, flush mount and underslung fitment
  • Wide detection angles minimise blind spots

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