New feature: Integration of battery powered tracking

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September 3, 2015
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September 30, 2015
Battery powered tracking feature

New Feature: PAY AS YOU TRACK have integrated battery powered tracking into their flexible tracking software.

This feature is ideal for businesses where time to deliver has a critical impact on the value of the delivered goods and is particularly suited to trailers or pallets where power is not available.

Integrated into PAY AS YOU TRACK’s own software, with powerful reporting showing where the product is at any time, journey time, the route taken, stopovers and any delays. With the ability to link into other systems, a business can now challenge and measure delivery, cater for any delays, improve delivery time and, more importantly, their bottom line.

To preserve battery power the journey data is sent at the end of the journey. For vehicles that are stationary for 24hrs (load parked up somewhere), a position is sent as a reminder of its location.

The competitively priced tracking unit is small, IP66 rated and rugged. It comes complete with internal antennae, is powered by replaceable AA batteries, requires no fitting and provides configurable tracking time to meet the customer’s needs with over air configuration and upgrades.

PAY AS YOU TRACK provide simple to use, flexible tracking software integrated to a number of ‘trackers’ including traditional ‘black box’ hard-wired trackers, plug n’ drive devices and smartphones (Android™, Microsoft™ and iPhone™)

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