Partners & Integrators

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Distribution Partners

For Distributors who want to sell tracking as a product either in its own right and/or using their own label (see Own Label).

Contact us to discuss the relationship package that works best for your organisation:

  • Software accessed through Distributor web portal
  • First, Second or Third line Support packages agreed to work with your needs
  • Our installers or yours?
  • Margins on hardware and recurring income
  • Any features unique to you that you want in your view of the software
  • Integration of your chosen tracking devices

Developed in-house, the software IP belongs to Pay as you Track and we can make it look and feel unique to you.

White Label / Own Label

For Corporates who want tracking:

  • to be part of and to reflect the Corporate environment or
  • to provide tracking as an additional service to their own client base – perhaps you lease vehicles and/or trailers?

Software is presented in your colours with your logos’ this may or may not include:

  • Our Smartphone apps
  • Login through your web portals
  • Emails, messages and alerts from your domain(s)
  • Full Support package available
  • Contact us to discuss your requirement
  • Software releases as new features available

Contact us to discuss your requirement

Image of Pay as you Track's software on the computer
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Integrate with your Business

Pay as you Track provide an open API for push/pull of data from our system to yours.

Choose what data you want and at what frequency – we will send the data to you or you can take it as and when.

Example applications might be:

  • work with a scheduling package – where are the drivers in relation to the schedule? nearest driver? performance measurement
  • feed drivers hours and expenses into payroll system – what hours did drivers work, what was the business mileage? what was the private mileage?

You don’t have to use our software interface if you don’t want to but you do need our trackers.

Your data is freely available to YOU and YOU ONLY.

Contact us to discuss your requirement

Tailored Development

One size does not fit all!

It’s your system not ours, configure it to meet your specific needs.

However hard we try, our clients always think of a ‘must have’ that we don’t have.

Some of these are excellent ideas that would benefit other customers, where this is the case we incorporate the features into the standard product. Others are unique to that company/industry and are available only to that client.

The software IP belongs to Pay as you Track and we develop it in-house.

Partners & Integrators