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December 11, 2023

Preventing Vehicle Incidents with Telematics

Written by: Joseph Tanner, Marketing Executive

133,443 Road Collision Casualties in 2023

In a lot of instances businesses have a knowledge of whether their vehicles are roadworthy but that’s where the line is drawn. Many businesses do not know what is happening to their drivers out on the roads. By implementing some straightforward telematics, businesses can minimise the occurrence of incidents on the roads. Data from National Statistics shows that in the year ending June 2023 there were an estimates 1,633 road collision fatalities with 29,429 killed or seriously injured casualties. Of all severities of injury there were 133,443 casualties. Although these figures are a slight reduction on those of the year prior, they demonstrate that much more need to be done in an effort to make the roads safer for all who use it.

Identify Road Risks

Regular vehicle inspections can be one of the best ways to prioritise vehicle safety. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Tire management (it’s important to consider both tire depth and maintaining optimal tire pressure.)
  • Ensuring steady load distribution in vans and optimal tire pressure to avoid unstable vehicles, especially in wet conditions.

What Are the Top Causes of Road Traffic Incidents in the UK?

Although it’s vital to keep your vehicles in good condition, drivers themselves pose the largest risks regardless of your businesses size. Fleet managers should ensure they know what’ going on with each driver and understand the pressures they are under. National Highways has identified the top five contributions to road traffic incidents as:

  • Impairment
  • Distraction
  • Fatigue
  • Medical Conditions
  • Attitude

Are You or Your Drivers Fit to Drive?

Many businesses prioritise the roadworthiness of their vehicles, but the same level of attention should also be applied to drivers.

Fleet owners might shy away from approaching topics about driver’s personal fitness to drive. Approaching a driver to express concern in their well-being and asking about their mental wellbeing might seem daunting. However, if a driver is suffering from bad sleep, dealing with personal issues, or suffering from a medical condition, it’s a matter of safety to start that conversation.

Improving Safety Measures

Over 50% of UK motorway traffic comprises work-related journeys, involving around 0.5 million trucks, 4.5 million vans, 1 million company cars, and an estimated 14 million 'grey fleet' vehicles. These drivers aren't just commuters; they are representatives of their companies, subject to duty of care and health and safety regulations.

There is a critical need for businesses to prioritise employee safety on the road as much as they do within their premises. By implementing vehicle telematics, companies can actively monitor and manage driving behaviour, reducing the risk of road-related incidents and fulfilling their duty of care obligations effectively.

There is a disproportionate risk posed by van crashes compared to large trucks due to their frequency and potential severity. National Highways has shifted its attention to vans, analysing operator requirements and collision causes to develop targeted solutions. One notable effort is the Van Driver Toolkit by Driving for Better Business, aiming to enhance safety and reduce risks associated with van driving.

How Telematics Can Transform Vehicle Safety

The integration of a fleet tracking system revolutionises drivers' perception of their road responsibilities, boosting overall safety. Knowing their driving behaviour is monitored often prompts drivers to naturally improve, helping form a fleet of safe drivers and protecting your brand’s reputation. Furthermore, incorporating speed monitoring allows businesses to track and manage speed violations effectively, further enhancing road safety measures. Investing in technologies like Pay as you Track’s telematics system provides invaluable data for businesses to safeguard both human assets and vehicles, making driver behaviour telematics a top priority for effective management.

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