Why Track?


Cost saving

Examples of the ways in which Pay as you Track saves our customers money:

The Pay as you Track system – what you choose today might not meet your needs tomorrow, to make it easy for you:

  • No term contracts tying you in
  • Only pay for the days you track
  • Add and remove devices at will

Choose the features to suit your business needs (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

Information you get out of the system

  • Fuel Costs
  • Working Times
  • Validate expense claims
  • Driver Behaviour
  • On time delivery/visits
  • And much more

Always up to date

Minute by minute and turn by turn tracking means that what you see on the screen is what is happening.

  • A vehicle icon to tells you if its on the move, up to date/lost signal or stopped
  • Various live alerts
  • Unlimited Geozones
  • Real time visibility
  • Free software updates

Integrate with your business

It’s your system not ours, configure it to meet your specific needs:

  • use our  open API to integrate to your CRM, Accounts package, Scheduler or other 3rd Party software
  • Tailored solutions available
  • Geofence your customers;
    • be sure they have been visited
    • ‘send your track’, let them know you are on the way and when you’ll get there
  • Self fit solutions - no down time for your fleet
  • White Label - can be branded solely as customers' solution


A business has a duty of care for its field based workforce.

  • Lone worker monitoring and panic button
  • Incident alert
  • Non conformance alert
  • Safe driving within the limits


The standard report sets are there for your convenience but as every business is unique so every business wants something different from the system. We can tailor make reports to your specific requirements

  • Reports available online
  • Configurable Dashboard per user
  • Scheduled/tailored reports available on request

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