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June 11, 2020
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October 26, 2020

5 Ways to Save Money with Our Dashcam

Written by: Jessica Lee

Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular amongst UK drivers, with ownership growing from 1% to 15% in just 4 years. What’s more, 30% of drivers are planning to get one in the near future. For those on the fence about the payoff of owning a dashcam, this article will simply break down the benefits into five reasons.

  1. Save money on your insurance
  2. For young drivers fresh out on the road, insurance can be a daunting amount of money to pay. Many UK insurers team up with dashcam suppliers. Installing a partnered dashcam can save you up to 25% off your insurance. Gemma Stanbury, head of car insurance at Confused.com says “If a customer is willing to have their driving recorded, then it demonstrates to an insurer that they regard themselves as a more accomplished driver.”

  3. Maintain your no-claims discount
  4. Dashcams are often used in tying up disputes between drivers. If it is your word against another drivers, a dashcam can settle a case and save you from paying excess. Your no claims discount can save you up to 75% on your policy, with the top 41 major insurers all accepting dashcam footage as credible proof of an incident.

  5. Improve your fleet management with mobile digital video recorders
  6. Improve your fleet management with a Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR). MDVRs can make many aspects of fleet management easier. In October 2020 DVS safe system permits are to become compulsory for operators entering London. Finding yourself without a permit can leave you with a £550 fine per vehicle. To find out if you’re DVS ready please read our article. To make your vehicles compliant, one of the required pieces of equipment is “a fully operational camera monitoring system,” to aid in viewing blind spots. Our MDVRs come with optional side sensors to comply with DVS regulations and cover 360 degrees around your vehicle externally. Internal options are available for monitoring the safety of loading and loads, and ensuring your drivers are being responsible behind the wheel.

  7. Higher Driving Standards
  8. Dashcams can discourage dangerous or inconsiderate driving and makes motorists accountable for their own actions. With a dashcam, you can view how you or your employees are driving. By watching back on dashcam footage, you can spot errors and improve upon these mistakes.

    A dashcam will give you peace of mind when your child first starts driving because you can be sure that they are driving responsibly. A teenager’s first month behind the wheel is the most dangerous time for them as a new driver, so it is important to put into place measures to make those first few weeks as safe as possible. As a result, a higher standard of driving will result in lower insurance costs.

  9. Protection against Insurance Fraud
  10. A dash cam can be invaluable in protecting you against insurance fraud. Insurance fraud happens when another driver will deliberately brake in front of you, with the intention of making a claim against you or your company. A dashcam protects you against this by allowing insurance companies to quickly establish liability, using video footage to settle disputes. In the event of an insurance claim, footage needs to be high quality and easily accessible to be sent to the relevant authorities. Pay as you Track’s footage is recorded in HD and stored on Vimeo or accessible through a removable SD card so that no details should go unmissed. For instance, with Pay as you Track you can track your driver’s speed or if they travel off route. To read more about Pay as you Track’s additional features please click here. This will not only allow you to reward employees for good or bad driving behaviour but also provide evidence against unjust claims or help dispute fault claim incidents to speeding tickets.

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