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June 2, 2020
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October 7, 2020

Cross Sell / Upsell  – Own your client!

Finding new clients costs money, time, effort and it’s not easy! Selling more to your existing clients is a better option. You have already established trust, a relationship and understanding of their business and they like working with you, trust works both ways and so does reduced risk! Its first marketing principles and you own your client.

The Pay as you Track model works well  for all sorts of different product and service providers. You may be a sim provider some of those clients have vehicles/fleets, perhaps you sell fleet management software of some sort, maybe you fit out vehicles, lease fleet vehicles or perhaps you’re a local IT services company supporting the local community …..you get the idea!

Offering a wide range of up to the minute vehicle and asset tracking hardware across our own in-house developed software platform. Covering track&trace users through to our All-in-One video and tracking solution there is something for all of your clients and for you too.

For you there is:
  • your own brand tracking services
  • backed up with a choice of support service; you take first line support and back third line to us through to we take all support calls in your name
  • a healthy discount off all hardware purchased through us or alternatively you buy your hardware direct
  • our software pricing to you – a straight 20% of our standard pricing model and we maintain our pay-as-you-go tracking model so if your customer has not tracked we don’t charge you.
  • your pricing and pricing model to your clients is up to you; pay-as-you-go or fixed monthly fee or whatever else you devise setting your pricing, profits and income is your business
  • certainty that the software and the hardware is current and up to date
  • no compete agreement – we will never approach your client directly

Do a search on vehicle tracking today,  you’ll find lots of web sites but no others with our unique pricing model or our flexibilty.

Here’s a real example from the Covid-19 period when the clients vehicle usage fell dramatically due to lockdown

This reseller has approximately 170 vehicles across 15 customers – so not big but not insignificant.

Our Price / Your Cost Client Payment Options
Std PAYG Your Margin Fixed Price Your Margin
January £890.90 £1,069.08 £178.18 £1,528.30 £637.40
February £796.63 £955.96 £159.33 £1,528.30 £731.67
March £739.19 £887.03 £147.84 £1,528.30 £789.11
April £515.25 £618.30 £103.05 £1,528.30 £1,013.05
May £581.40 £697.68 £116.28 £1,528.30 £946.90
£704.67 £4,118.13


Whether £704 or £4,118 added to your bottom line – for doing no marketing it’s worthwhile

Give us a call it’s in your hands!