Stephen Mcance

April 2, 2015
Battery powered tracking feature

How telematics can benefit your businesses younger drivers.

Develop good driver behaviour through the use of telematics. It’s expected that the average age of truck and van drivers in the UK will decrease considerably over the next few years. For businesses, the challenge they face is how to develop their younger workforce’s human talent, driving experience and manage their risk factor as quickly as possible in a safe manner. According to research, a combination of youth and inexperience puts young drivers at higher risk. Due to their inexperience, […]
March 12, 2015
Logistics Vehicle Tracking - Pay as you Track

Improving Logistics With Vehicle Tracking

All businesses owners aim to provide a smooth running service for customers with as little wasted time as possible. Time is money and therefore the more wasted time can be reduced, the more profit that can be made. The problem is, if there is a fleet of 10 vans, how can you keep track of them all without incurring the expense of a dreaded ‘black box’ in each vehicle? With Pay as you Track, you can simply download the free […]
March 6, 2015
How Does Vehicle Tracking Work

Vehicle tracking – What’s Involved?

The use of GPS (Global Positioning System) has been a success for popular brands, Garmin, Benefon and TomTom. Because of these company’s successes, GPS was incorporated into smartphones and has become popular with mobile users for location awareness, smartphone maps and the ever popular, ‘checking in’ feature on Facebook. But what is GPS? And how does it work? The US military set up a series of satellites that detect the position of any enabled, connected device. Satellites for GPS are […]
March 5, 2015

How Does Vehicle Tracking Work?

We’ve put together an infographic to explain what elements go in to vehicle tracking and how it works. A good telematics system can reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicle dramatically. A recent case came to light in Gibraltar where a taxi company decided to install a telematics device on each of their cars. They monitored how the fleet were driving and gave them tips on where they were over accelerating, braking or should have been cruising. As a company, […]
February 26, 2015

Drivers continue to use mobile phones whilst driving

It’s in the driving theory tests and written in the law that using a handheld mobile phone whist driving can get you three penalty points on your license and potentially a chunky fine of up to £2,500. Those using their mobile phones whilst driving are more likely to be texting, surfing the web or using social media rather than for the traditional use, a phone call. According to a Department for Transport report, despite legislation and the safety risks, twice […]
February 17, 2015

Advice to parents of new drivers

So you finally get the call that you’ve been waiting for; Your child has passed their driving test! Brilliant news, right? No more Mum and Dad’s taxi service to worry about, instead it will be you getting all the free lifts. But, like any parent, you’ll worry. It’s natural to be scared. The driving world is full of risks and dangers, even the minor ones are still a concern. Although you can’t prevent it, there are ways to educate your […]
January 27, 2015

Tips for fleets during bad weather

Over the next few days, the UK is bracing itself for extreme weather warnings. Managing fleets can be difficult enough, but once bad weather strikes, safety is the main concern. Even the most experienced drivers need to be wary when driving in extreme weather conditions (even though the UK is pretty used to the rain by now). We have come up with some top tips for fleet drivers during the bad weather. Visibility is key Extreme rain, snow and wind […]
January 19, 2015

How your business can benefit from Pay as you Track

Pay as you Track was designed with businesses in mind. Whether you’re a one man contractor or own your own small firm, there are many benefits that come from using the fleet tracking software. The free app can be downloaded from any iPhone, Windows Phone or Android and just costs 25p per day, per phone – not exactly breaking the bank? And your account is only charged when a vehicle makes a journey over 15 minutes travel time. We know […]