What’s the Cost of Vehicle Tracking now?

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What’s the Cost of Vehicle Tracking now?

What is the true cost to track your vehicles?

Do a search on the cost of vehicle tracking today and you’ll find lots of web sites, most of them offering you the chance to enter your details and someone will get back to you – and they do!!

You will have offers of a contract 3 to 5 years long on a price per month per vehicle from around £9.99 per month to over £20.00 per month depending on whether you are looking at bog standard trackers or sophisticated tracking cameras. All of them offering similar a ranges of benefits and cost saving opportunities on your fleet.

Here’s the rub – you will pay that monthly fee for the length of the contract whether you use the vehicle or not.

At Pay as you Track we adopt a different approach so you only pay when the vehicle is used and tracks – doesn’t seem such a big deal?? Here’s a real example from the Covid-19 lockdown period.

This customer has a fleet of 23 vehicles with standard hardwired trackers:

Monthly Tracking Costs
Other Tracking Companies Pay as you Track
March £229.77 £149.20
Aoril £229.77 £73.20
May £229.77 £34.40


Enough said?? To discuss how Pay as you Track can help you please contact us.

Need more convincing? all the benefits, cost saving opportunities, accessories and software facilities are there!

And need some more?  do you pay for your electricity / gas on a fixed rate whether you use it or not? Don’t you match your mobile phone tarif to it’s use ?……. why should the cost of vehicle tracking be any different?