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As a fleet business owner, it is crucial to know where your assets are at all times. This knowledge can help you manage your business effectively, optimise your resources, and prevent theft or loss of your assets. One way to achieve this is by using tracking devices that can provide you with real-time location information of your assets. However, not all tracking devices are created equal. That's why Pay as you Track, a leading provider of tracking software, has developed a solution that can help fleet business owners effectively manage their assets with battery tracking.

Battery Tracking

Battery tracking is a solution that allows fleet business owners to track assets that have no power source of their own, such as skips, trailers, and bins. These tracking devices have replaceable batteries that can last up to ten years, depending on usage. The trackers let you know at defined times where your asset is located. Some of the trackers can also be switched to track if required, and some can track on movement. All of them come in ruggedised IP67 (and above) rated casings to withstand the elements. With Pay as you Track, you can find the right tracking device to fit your specific situation.

The Catch with GPS Tracking

One of the challenges of modern tracking is its dependency on GPS satellites to fix a locational position. If the satellites are not contactable, then the location can't be fixed, and it will appear as if the tracker isn't working, which can result in depleted batteries and frustration.

GSM Backup

To solve this problem, Pay as you Track has made a change to its system to implement GSM backup in battery trackers. When the GPS signal is blocked, the tracker location is positioned from local cell towers. This technology is not as accurate as GPS, but it provides a backup option when GPS is not available.

Identifying GPS or GSM Backup

You can identify whether your battery tracker location is GPS or GSM in several areas within the Pay as you Track software, including the MAP tab and REPORTS tab. The historical map and journey reports also provide you with location information and whether it's using GPS or GSM backup.

Updating Battery Tracker to use GSM Backup

If you already have Pay as you Track battery trackers, they can be remotely configured to use GSM backup. This process can use battery power, so it is done only on request from yourself. All new battery trackers from Pay as you Track come with this feature already configured.

Using Battery Trackers

To ensure that you get the most out of your battery trackers, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, check that the trackers are positioned to have a 'view' of the sky. Secondly, your battery tracker will come configured to your specification, such as one or two 'pings' per day. This specification can be changed remotely, but it does use battery power, and you may need to install new batteries. Lastly, check the Battery Health report regularly and replace the batteries in those trackers that need it.


As a fleet business owner, using Pay as you Track software is a smart investment to help you manage your assets effectively. With battery tracking and GSM backup, you can be confident that you'll always know where your assets are located, even when GPS is not available. Additionally, Pay as you Track provides easy-to-use software that allows you to customise your tracking preferences and monitor the health of your battery trackers, ensuring that they're always working correctly. Don't let the loss or theft of your assets hurt your business

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