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Vehicle Tracking – Making IT Happen
July 22, 2019
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May 7, 2020

Multi camera DVR with integrated vehicle tracking gives video footage on demand from Pay as you Track.

Simple to use – chose the location on the vehicle track that you are interested in and download the footage!

  • Up to 5 cameras can be attached: front, rear, internal and sides
  • Records to hard disc with up to one month rolling video with options for longer storage
  • No messy SD cards to fail just when you need them to work or be tampered with
  • No sending someone out just to recover video footage
  • No endless stream of footage to wade through in order to find what you want
  • Lockable panels protect hard disc and SIM from tampering
  • Activated by ignition on with 15 mins continued record after ignition off – UPS option also available
  • 4G falling back to 3G when no 4G available
  • SIM usage both efficient and cost-effective
  • Optional features, sensors and add-ons

Plus the first class vehicle tracking features and benefits from Pay as you Track

This multi camera DVR with integrated vehicle tracking system is a must for professional fleet tracking today!

If the quality and practice exemplified by FORS is important to your fleet operations this may be the product you need.

If you are in Construction and CLOCS is essential to your business give us a shout!



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