Why Choose Pay as you Track?

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Why use Pay as you Track for your tracking services?

With so many tracking companies, why choose Pay as you Track......

Future Proof  - what you choose today caters for tomorrows needs:
    • Grow and shrink the system as your business changes, no inflexible contracts in the way
    • Choose the features you need today, upgrade them tomorrow
    • Add features unique to your business
    • In-house R&D continually looking at new trackers, technologies and improving our software
Price the main decider?
    • Paying only for the days you use the vehicle is a good start!
    • A wide range of competitively priced tracking devices
    • Software price breaks from simple tracking to the more complex features
Support important?
    • Our support services deserve a section to themselves.

Support Service

The best service we can give our customers is trouble free software and trackers. We test the hardware we support and the software we code with this in mind.  Where problems/faults/queries do occur;

  • Call us on 0161 914 5503 or email [email protected]
  • All calls logged with same day response and 'time to fix' target of 5 working days
  • In the unlikely event that the problem can not be resolved in 5 working days we agree a timescale with the customer
  • Our 'online training' is free to use, just call and make an appointment
  • Network of field installers available, or we provide installation documentation
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Managed Service

Want the benefits of tracking but not another system to manage?

  • Tell us what you want and when you want it:
    • daily/monthly reports and/or data 
    • variance from your KPI's
    • measure fuel use against mileage
    • and so on.......create your customised service
  • Pay as you Track choose, install and maintain the right trackers for you
  • Self fit solutions - no down time for your fleet

Features & Functionality

Very visual, a glance at the map tells you if a vehicle is on the move; fast/slow or stopped and how recently it last updated

  • Real Time minute-by-minute and turn-by-turn
  • Unlimited Geo-Zones
  • Alerts for speeding, geozone entry/exit, temperature etc etc
  • Monitoring Fuel Costs and Usage for tax purposes and to check fuel spend
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Historical tracking data
  • Client Relationships/Management
    • Provide proof/documentation the job was done, the site visited
    • Allow your client to track your trip in real time with 'send my track'
  • Report suite and Dashboard
  • Hierarchical structure or users and folders
  • The Extras
    • know who is driving and when with Driver ID
    • disable a vehicle remotely from your office
    • temperature sensor for those loads that need it
    • privacy – track when you want to
    • remote download of camera footage for camera tracker users


The standard report sets are there for your convenience but as every business is unique so every business wants something different from the system. We can tailor make reports to your specific requirements

  • Reports available online
  • Configurable Dashboard per user
  • Scheduled/tailored reports available on request

Getting the Most out of Tracking

A reliable tracker can tell you so much about your business

  • Who are your customers? how often do you visit them?
  • Where and how you are spending your money on the big expense items: people, fuel, vehicles

but only if you use it and manage it !

Need Help? talk to us, tell us why you want tracking and what you want from it and we'll help you get there

Online training and demonstrations provided as you need them.


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