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5 reasons to choose small businesses over large businesses.

Written by: Joseph Tanner, Marketing Executive

"It's a long-standing issue that the bigger a company becomes, the less human it seems. "

It's no secret that large businesses have to make some sacrifices when it comes to customer service. There's an awful lot of red tape and restrictions that mean customers might not always be getting the best deal. Here are some ways that small businesses can offer a better solution.

  1. Personalised Customer Service
  2. Nothing is more important that having a connection with a customer. Getting to know your customers face-to-face provides a friendlier and more personal experience. Small businesses have the leverage to listen to what each of their customers has to say and customise the services accordingly.

  3. More Responsive to Change
  4. Small businesses are are better able to adapt as market conditions change. Because a small business is closer to its customers, it is in a better position to hear feedback and observe changing preferences, especially if it hasn't invested huge amounts in obsolete infrastructure.

    With a small business, employees are more likely to be cross-trained. This adaptability allows for quality people to stay on staff and to draw on their knowledge of your business and customer base.

  5. Faster Decision Making
  6. One of the main advantages of a small business is their ability to to make faster decisions to adapt to customer needs.Keeping a business fresh is all about being aqble to keep up with market demands and staying agile. This can be a lot more difficult with more red tape and managers to run things by.

  7. Access the owner directly
  8. The owner of a small business is an expert in their field. They have been able to build their company without the need for big budgets and corporate support. In a smaller team, customers are able to speak directly to those experts and interact with the bosses from the start, without having to speak with recently hired sales people or call centres first.

  9. Unbiased approach
  10. Smaller companies have strong relationships with their providers and partners. This means they can offer unparralelled prices and bespoke solutions by choosing to put customers first

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