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5 Tips to Improve your Caravan and Motorhome Security

Written by: Joseph Tanner, Marketing Executive

With the summer months being the worst for caravan and motorhome theft, it's important to improve your caravan and motorhome's security features. The Caravan and Camping Club reported that last year alone saw the theft of 1,200 caravans from the UK. By insuring your motorhome or campervan, you remain protected if the worst happens. Many clubs offer discounts on their insurance for customers who have taken the time to install preventative measures. "With a little bit of time and a small investment, putting caravan theft prevention measures in place is worthwhile." - The Camping and Caravanning Club.

  1. Make sure to park your asset somewhere safe and visible
  2. The safest place your caravan and motorhome can be is a locked garage connected to your house. If you don't have access to a garage, the next best place is on a driveway with an alarmed gate installed. Caravan and motorhome owners will want to avoid parking their assets on the street, especially if the street is not well lit. You can also place your caravan or motorhome in a secure storage site such as Cassoa.  It's also worth checking if you are allowed to park on the street as some local councils do not permit this.

  3. Set up security alerts for your asset.
  4. With Pay as you Track's software, you can set up security alerts. Depending on your tracker, our bronze package will allow you to set Email & SMS alerts as well as entry and exit alerts as well as start and stop alerts. Therefore, even if you are away from your caravan or motorhome you can get alerts straight to your phone letting you know the engine has been turned on or the vehicle has moved. You can also trigger vehicle immobilisation with our silver and gold packages. 

  5. Keep valuables out of sight.
  6. Leaving valuable items in the caravan and motorhome, especially if they are on visible display through a window, can tempt thieves and cause a break-in. For any valuables such as phones, it's best to take them with you when you leave the caravan. You can also mark items such as laptops with an etching tool or engraver. For items such as a bicycle or smaller assets, it's best to use a combination of D locks and wire locks and secure them in a visible and safe area. Additionally, make sure you move any valuables back into your house when your asset is parked at home.

  7. Security mark and use physical deterrents on your caravan or motorhome.
  8. Security marking your caravan can make it easier for the police to identify if the worst-case scenario occurs. Physical deterrents can be a good way of putting off thieves. We recommend using deterrents such as hitch locks, wheel locks, reflective window coverings and nut locks.

  9. Purchase a caravan or motorhome tracker.
  10. Pay as you Track provide a range of top of the market caravan and motorhome trackers. With so many different tracking options out there it can be hard to choose the right option for you. We differ from other tracking companies as we don't tie our customers into any contracts. We pride ourselves on the flexibility we offer and can adapt to your tracking needs. Our no-contract tracking means our customers stay with us because we provide a first-class service. Additionally, we don't charge our customers for any days their asset doesn't move. Instead, you'll receive a daily heartbeat alert of the location of the asset. By only paying for the days you need tracking, our customers have been able to save hundreds of pounds. Over lockdown, our customers have saved money while still protecting their assets. For days you do require tracking our prices start at as little as 35p a day. Even with our bronze package, our customers get extensive add-ons. Bronze add-ons are unlimited geofences, SMS and email alerts, entry and exit alerts and start and stop alerts. Pay as you Track provides GPS battery-powered tracking for vehicles without a direct source of power. We provide GPS plug-in tracking for vehicles with power such as motorhomes and cars. We also provide additional video tracking for internal and external footage.


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"It might be tempting to pick up a cheap caravan tracking unit, but generally, these systems will not be backed up by a professional operating centre that can monitor your tourer 24 hours a day, alert you of illegal movement, and coordinate a smooth recovery with the police." - Caravan Guard. Pay as you Track provides no-contract, pay as you go tracking to improve your asset security in 2021.

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