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Last week the World Health Organisation and the United Nations launched a new road safety initiative. The initiative has been termed The Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030. The launch sets the ambitious target of preventing at least 50% of all road traffic deaths and injuries by 2030. Currently, road crashes cause over 1.3 million preventable deaths globally. Additionally, road accidents cause over 50 million injuries each year. This makes road accidents the leading killer of children and young people worldwide aged 5-29.’

The new Global Plan details the actions needed to achieve its 2030 goal. This includes accelerated action to make walking, cycling and using public transport safe therefore aiding greener forms of transport. Additionally, it calls for the improvement of vehicle and driver behaviour in an effort to ensure safer roads.

Effective fleet management is the key to any business’s success. GPS tracking helps fleet managers to reduce road risks while improving business performance, cost efficiency and staff wellbeing.

Reducing road accidents for businesses/fleetsCut Road Risk with DVR System

The new scheme asks businesses and industries of all sizes and sectors to do their part in what way they can to help reduce road accidents.

Pay as you Track provides an industry-leading Multi-Camera DVR integrated into our software in an effort to eliminate blind spots and make cut road risk. The Multi-Camera DVR includes a front camera, internal cameras, side cameras, back cameras and sensors.

Benefits of installing a multi-camera DVR :

  • Reduced insurance costs. To read more about how telematics can reduce your vehicle cost click the article here.
  • Improve your company image and build your customer’s trust by improving your company’s driving standards.
  • Eliminating vehicle blind spots, making the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Direct Vision Standards and Transport for London have introduced a new HGV Safety Permit for vehicles over 12 tonnes travelling through London. To secure your business a permit and avoid fines of up to £550 a DVR system will need to be installed in your vehicle followed by applying for the permit.
  • Reduce insurance costs by providing dashcam footage in the case of an accident.
  • Prove your vehicles have done the work they were meant to in the case of a dispute.

With so many tracking options why choose Pay as you Track?

The new global plan requires optimized fleet management, prioritizing driver management to ensure that road risk is eliminated. The reality is that both small and large businesses face different constraints that can make it hard to optimize driver management. Small fleet managers may find that that they are having to juggle a lot of responsibilities due to a smaller work team while larger fleet managers may find it hard to keep track of a large number of drivers and vehicles. The good news is whatever your fleet size, Pay as you Track’s GPS software does the hard work for you, helping you manage your drivers without taking your time away from other duties. We provide driver behaviour alerts and reports for harsh braking, speeding, and much more, so we can help you identify where additional training is required.

Pay as you Track is the UK’s only no-contract, pay as you go, GPS tracking supplier. To clarify, we will not charge you for tracking if your vehicle is not in use. As a result, this has saved our customers hundreds of pounds over the lockdown periods. We provide an affordable tracking plan that fits your business and is flexible to any changes your business may encounter. We provide an in-house support team on call whenever you need it. We’re here to make your fleet management easier. In consequence, our DVS system can save your business money and cut down road accidents.

(Finance options are available as well as discounts for multiple DVR purchases.)

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