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November 18, 2021
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Fleet Management System

Vehicle Tracking is an essential investment for many businesses. A vehicle tracking system not only provides protection against theft but makes fleet management easier. Integrated software reports aid fleet managers in running vehicles efficiently and managing driver behaviour. In an effort to reduce emissions and make roads greener, vehicle tracking has proven invaluable in reducing fuel usage and making roads safer for greener forms of transport. With many businesses facing new difficulties due to the global pandemic, it’s important to ensure you’re investing your budget in a cost-effective and reliable vehicle tracking system. This all starts by knowing how much vehicle tracking costs.

Getting the Best Vehicle Tracking Deal

Do you pay for your gas and electricity at a fixed rate whether you use it or not? Do you match your mobile phone tariff to its use? Therefore, why should the cost of vehicle tracking be any different? Price comparison websites will often offer quotes that span from 3-5 years. These contracts can cost anything from £9.99 to £20.00 per month, depending on the sophistication of the tracking device. The catch is that you will have to pay that monthly fee for the duration of your contract, even on the months that your tracker or vehicle is not in use.

With our unique ‘pay for the days you track’ no-contract solution, you can be prepared for whatever the future holds. Our tracking is completely flexible. Whether you want to change your package or adjust how many vehicles you track, we adapt our tracking to meet the needs of your business.

“If an engineer is on holiday, their tracker remains active, however, it costs us nothing.” – TTS Telford

What Tracker is Right for you?

With so many trackers on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. Check out our trackers and add-ons page to see what tracker(s) is the best fit for you. We recommend giving our friendly support team a call on 0161 914 5500 or sending our team an email at [email protected]. Our support team is able to discuss our range of trackers, finding the best fit for you and your business.

Pay as you Track provide:

  • Camera Tracker / Mobile Digital Video Recorders / Mobile CCTV
  • Dashcams
  • Hardwired Trackers
  • Plug-In Trackers
  • Battery Trackers

How much Vehicle Tracking Costs

Our tracking costs are as little as 35p a day for our bronze package. Check out our packages here. For the days your vehicles are not used you will not be charged but will still receive a daily update of its location.

Our unique pay as you go approach to vehicle tracking has saved our customers hundreds of pounds over the Covid-19 lockdowns. Below is an example of one of our customers who owns a fleet of 23 vehicles with a standard hardwired tracker:

Vehicle Tracking Cost in 2020

As Pay as you Track offers such flexible and customisable vehicle tracking, we recommend you give us a call on 0161 914 5500 or email us at [email protected] for a personalized quote. If you find a cheaper company on the market we will do our best to offer a more affordable option. We also offer finance solutions to companies in need as well as multiple product discounts.

In the meantime, to get a general quote fill out our free and instant quote calculator at the bottom of the page.

It is important to note that our low costs don’t equate to a compromise in quality, features, and support. As our customers are not tied into any contracts, it means that they stay with Pay as you Track due to the high standard of service and efficient support that we provide. All the benefits, cost-saving opportunities, accessories, and software facilities are there!

Get in contact with us using our form, call us on 0161 914 5500 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively for a quote please fill out our Quote Calculator.