Icewatch innovative way of tracking gritting and snow clearing using Pay as you Track smartphone tracker APP

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March 5, 2018
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PAYT delivers branded vehicle tracking solution for Vehicle Launches/Events
July 22, 2019
Man working with a snow blowing machine

Man working with a snow blowing machine

Icewatch choose Pay as you Track smartphone tracker APP to supply personnel tracking services.

Icewatch, part of tlcgroup are a national company specialising in gritting, ice and snow clearance to a range of businesses in the public and private sectors. Committed to protecting the environment, Icewatch are particular in their use of calibrated equipment for accurate spreading. Using workforce local to their contracted sites Icewatch are always looking to develop new and innovative solutions to improve efficiency. Icewatch chose PAYT smartphone tracker APP based on functionality, flexibility and support.

Using the PAYT smartphone tracker APP  ‘Pay as you Track’  lone workers are tracked in often unsocial hours as they clear snow and ice. Long term storage of the data is vital as ‘proof of job’  in case of accident claims for injury. Time on and off site is monitored supporting Icewatch duty of care to it’s employees and contractors working in what is often poor weather conditions in the early or late hours. A key PAYT concept is that the client only pays for tracking when they use it and as ice and snow clearing work is seasonal suits Icewatch business model very well. Another key PAYT pillar is that all customers are unique and one size tracking does not fit all!  PAYT are own and develop their own software inhouse providing unique tweaks and tailoring to meet the client need and an Open API.

Pay as you Track provide us with an invaluable service that keeps our customers’ sites safe, low on risk and fully informed. An accurate, detailed and full audit trail of works completed is available real time, complete with maps of the areas covered, we know we have the information to back us up in the event of an incident. Pro-active alerts keep us informed of the safe return of our workforce and job completion”