Man working with a snow blowing machine
Icewatch innovative way of tracking gritting and snow clearing using Pay as you Track smartphone tracker APP
May 21, 2018
Tyres on the Drive van driving on the road
Vehicle Tracking – Making IT Happen
July 22, 2019

Pay as you Track work with OTM Services Ltd to deliver a branded vehicle tracking solution for new vehicle launches and events.

OTM Services Ltd are an Event Support, Vehicle Logistics and Fleet Management company who work with vehicle manufacturers, providing a diverse suite of services across all the individual areas of their business.

“Our initial requirement for a tracking system was to allow us to effectively manage the location and the customer allocation of a variety of vehicles on new vehicle launches and drive-day events for our clients.  Due to the nature of these events, we required a large number of tracking units which would all be utilised for a single event, from a day to a couple of weeks, but would then be redundant until the following event.

We had been looking for a suitable system for 3 or 4 years however nothing quite delivered all the elements that we required in conjunction with being a financially suitable product that we could embed within our clients.

The PAYT system however provides exactly the financial model that we required, paying only for the tracking on the day that the units are utilised, and also delivered all the main core elements of the functionality that we needed to make this a viable solution.

PAYT also worked closely with us to provide bespoke enhancements on-time and on-budget for our client branded solutions, providing dedicated enhancements which have been invaluable in offering a system with very specific solutions that do not appear elsewhere in the marketplace.”

The resulting branded vehicle tracking solution bespoke elements consisted of client branding and specific driver identification enhancements.

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